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Welcome to The Union!

Joshua replied 2 hours ago
Roxi liked 10 hours ago
I would like everybody to meet Ozzie and his fiancé Monica! Monica actually came into our store first to pick out her dream ring and fell in love with our beautiful Leo solitaire collection. Ozzie came into our store about a month or so after she had stopped in and made the purchase and had everything planned out. What she thought was just a typical vacation out to Colorado with her mom and kids involved, turned into a magical day in the mountains full of snow and a private sleigh ride led by the Clydesdales horses! #CelebrateLifeExpressLove
Roxi liked 10 hours ago
The story of Fernando and his Fiancé Monserrat. This lovely couple walks into our store celebrating their anniversary over the holidays and happened to find a ring that she absolutely loved. Though she was there to be able to help find her perfect ring, the real surprise came when he actually gave it to her in this poke ball! These two have a lot of love between each other and he found the perfect way to propose to her that is special to the both of them. #CelebrateLifeExpressLove