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We love love and celebrate it in all its forms. We’ve created this space for you to share your love story and seek help and support from the community to best express your love. 

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Jon liked 3 days ago

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Theresa liked 2 days ago
I've known since the day I met Jonathan on set at my TV show that he was the person I wanted to spend forever with. So when it came time to finally pop the question I knew it had to be the most special day ever. And that meant making sure two things were created specifically for this occasion. 1) the perfect song 2) the perfect ring As far as number one goes, we would always hear songs and think oh that would be our song if just this part or that part were different, so as a result we... (More)
Krysta commented an hour ago
4 years together and on December 26, 2020, he proposed and I said, “YES!” I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man.