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Celebrate and Share
Celebrate and Share

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s now time to celebrate your love and prepare for what comes next. From sharing the news to planning your dream wedding and everything in between, we’ll usher you through the moment they say YES up until they say I DO (and beyond, of course). Cheers to your love!

ENGAGED . From Boston to Key West. Leo Dimond. Was told it’s a wow piece and that’s the reactions we get to this ring
I have been in the jewelry industry for just about 25 years. This August 13th marks 25 years with Kay Jewelers. I have been blessed to have shared so many memories with so many guests. So many have been happy, joyful occasions. I am just as lucky to be a part of someone's difficult times.

My biggest blessings are my husband of 32 years, my daughter and son, and all of my six grandchildren. Life is good.
Megan KruegerKay Consultant
Store Manager-Kay Outlet-Texas City, Tx

What do you think about pets being part of a proposal?

I've seen many cute proposal photos that include dogs.  Has anyone seen any other type of pet being included in a proposal?  I'd love to see pictures of these momentous events.

Chrystal JahnkeKay Consultant
Assistant Manager - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
My Love/Proposal story: James and I had been introduced via friends at a SCA event, he was teaching blacksmithing while I was enjoying seeing all the interesting things to learn from history. Camping, creating, coffee, and conversations was how our friendship started. Both of us had been married before so we both knew the value of friendship, lucky for us it turned into something more. Content with being girlfriend/boyfriend, I wasn’t expecting more, but secretly wanting more. But how does one plan a proposal for someone who loves and works in jewelry, let alone during the Holiday season. He became... (More)