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Celebrate and Share
Celebrate and Share

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s now time to celebrate your love and prepare for what comes next. From sharing the news to planning your dream wedding and everything in between, we’ll usher you through the moment they say YES up until they say I DO (and beyond, of course). Cheers to your love!

"On January 16, 2021, We were headed to Christina's restaurant for my birthday lunch. My parents, brothers, best friend, and Craig's sister were there. We couldn't all sit together because of covid but still, we all socialized. After the lunch, my dad got everyone a drink to raise a toast to his new son in law. Everyone looked around because we did not understand what he was talking about... then Craig grabbed my hand and went down on one knee! He looked at his sister and told her to video then looked at me and asked "Will You Marry Me?"... (More)
My husband and I eloped in Colorado on 7.31.20 (we live in PA). We love the mountains, we don't love being the center of attention and we love to travel. We didn't even tell anyone we were engaged....and then announced our marriage to everyone (parents included) when we got home. Every one was surprised....and, at the same time, no one was surprised that is how we did it. It was so perfectly 'us.' If anyone is considering eloping and need any advice or encouragement - let me know. We would not have changed a thing about what we did. :)... (More)
The surprise to getting engaged is when he actually gives you the ring! Here we have Wylie and his now fiancé Sherrill who had an in-store proposal with us! They have been together for 4-1/2 years and met through church in a hope group! They both just moved into a new place together and share a love and passion for helping others in need. These 2 were an absolute joy to have in our store and we are happy they let us share this beautiful moment with the world. Cheers to a happy life! #CelebrateLifeExpressLove