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Considering a Proposal
Considering a Proposal

Is your love story ready to take the next big step? Let us help you answer your most pressing questions to get you organized, prepared and confident before you pop the question. 

When KAY Jewelers asked to feature us and our story in their “Someday” commercial, we were thrilled to be a part of something so meaningful. Our many years together have proven to us that love is unstoppable, and that’s a message we’re more than happy to share with the world. Not to mention, it’s been nice to sit down with Elena and think back on how it all began… I was playing guitar with a friend on the sidewalk when she walked by. We were kids back then. I was 16, and she was 14. But I knew immediately I... (More)

Is it too soon to get engaged?

Some couples might question themselves; 🤔 Is it too soon to get engaged, what will people think of us getting engaged too soon, or how do I ask him/ her the big question?

Many questions might come up when thinking about engagement and their could be many answers to those questions.

One ☝️ thing is certain, you are in Love ❤️ and ready to p💍p the big question!

Some love experts have said that it is never too soon to get engaged and

When you know, you know!

One of our Kay love consultants, Brooke Whitaker, says “Life is short,... (More)