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You’ll never forget the magical moment they say yes to forever. But wouldn’t it be nice to have something tangible to look back on — and hang on the wall? Capture your engagement with the help of a photographer. Many professional photographers specialize in proposals and know how to make the experience fun and stress free, without taking away the element of surprise. Here are five tips to keep in mind when hiring someone for your special moment.   


Before you delve too deep into planning your proposal, set a budget. An amazing proposal can cost a lot or nothing at all. Whatever you decide to spend, you’ll never regret setting aside a portion for a photographer to capture the event. Rates will vary, depending on the photographer’s experience and the amount of time they plan to spend with you and your love.  


Great photographers book up! Make sure you get the one you want by planning ahead and booking at least a month in advance. They’ll want to work with you to create a timeline and may even visit the proposal spot to find locations to shoot from. When vetting photographers, be sure to check out their portfolio and read reviews. It’s important to pick someone with a style you love, so your photos are just what you’re looking for! 


Once you’ve found a photographer, share as many day-of details with them as you can. Work together to plan a route that will allow them to wait nearby but remain out of eyesight, so they can capture the moment without ruining the surprise. Ask your photographer for tips on how to stand and which direction to face — and be sure to consider time of day and how crowded the location might be. By planning ahead, you can enjoy peace of mind that everything will go as smoothly as possible.   


There’s no such thing as being too prepared when it comes to crafting the perfect proposal. While everything is likely to go according to plan, it’s smart to have a backup plan in place — just in case your location is taken or your partner doesn’t stand in just the right spot. Photographers are quick on their feet and able to adapt to almost any situation, but it never hurts to plan for the unexpected.  


Your proposal is one of the most meaningful events in your life. Meet with photographers until you find someone you click with, so you feel comfortable having them there for the intimate moment. Assuming all goes well, consider bringing the photographer back for a formal engagement session and even the big day. Working with the same photographer throughout your journey is a great way to ensure you end up with photographs that perfectly capture your unique love story.   

Follow these tips to find the right photographer for you! Make sure to return to The Union to share photos of your proposal with the community — along with any tips or tricks you have for making it picture perfect.