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Chrystal JahnkeKay Consultant
Assistant Manager - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

For many the ring is the important part of the proposal, but wondering how many have had the ring burning a hole in their pocket without the how or when they will ask even planned out yet?

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Brooke Whittaker
Brooke Whittaker Kay Consultant

I asked my husband and he said he asked for my dad's permission in August. He bought my ring in November and proposed Christmas morning!! 

Chrystal Jahnke
Chrystal Jahnke Kay Consultant

I love hearing that the tradition of asking the parents is still a thing, so many different stories of getting the ring first then surprising the parents as of lately. 

Megan Krueger
Megan Krueger Kay Consultant

My husband had my engagement ring hidden in his truck for months.  He said he wanted to have it with him when the perfect moment presented itself.  He ended up just asking one night in the living room of our first apartment.

Chrystal Jahnke
Chrystal Jahnke Kay Consultant

He created the perfect memory rather then!!

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