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I know a lot of brides use something of their mother's on their wedding day such a Vail that's been passed down. Did you us anything in your wedding that was passed down from generation to generation?

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Kelly Atkinson
Kelly Atkinson Kay Consultant

Often times, it's jewelry. My twin got her husband's grandmother's 1.5ct round brilliant diamond that we reset in to a setting. I wore my mother's jewelry on the day. It's an amazing tradition that I will definitely pass down to my daughter one day!

Keanna Whiting
Keanna Whiting Kay Consultant

Thats so special! My engagement ring was passed down. It was originally my great aunt's, but when she got sick she gave it to my great grandmother, her mom. My great grandmother raised me, and when my husband asked her for my hand she insisted on him taking the ring. 

Cindy Wolf
Cindy Wolf Kay Consultant

I used the lace from my mom's dress to wrap the handle of my bouquet! My father passed away 15 years ago and I wanted something to represent him walking me down the aisle!

Keanna Whiting
Keanna Whiting Kay Consultant

How special! And very heartfelt! I love that! 

Meghan Slates
Meghan Slates

I will be wearing the earrings my mom wore on her wedding day and my future mother in law gave me her great grandmother's rosary to wrap around my bouquet and her father's navy pin for my fiance to wear on his lapel. Sean’s grandma is also letting us borrow the cake serving set at our reception that has been used in other family weddings.

Sammy Magner
Sammy Magner Kay Consultant

I love that you have a family wedding cake serving set!  

Keanna Whiting
Keanna Whiting Kay Consultant

I just love all of this! I can't pinpoint just one! 

Renee B
Renee B Kay Consultant

I wore my mother's ring because she passed away.  My daughter's each got married within the last few years and wore it as their something borrowed.  I had it redesigned with Kay Jewelers to separate the diamonds so when I pass, they each get half the ring.

Megan Krueger
Megan Krueger Kay Consultant

I didn’t wear or have anything that was passed down.  I did, however, have yellow Lilys and pink roses in my bouquet.  Yellow Lilys were my grandmothers favorite flower an pink roses were the flowers my grandfather would always bring home to her.  We also got married at the same church I grew up in and where my parents got married.

When my grandpa passed away I was given his and my grandma’s wedding rings.  I plan to pass them down to my children or niece some day.

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