I’m usually so guarded my walls are always up. The walls keep me from being hurt. It wasn’t how we met it was what I felt when we met. She walked in it was like watching a model walk down the runway. Her hair was blowing in the wind and she looked flawless. We were in a building so tell me this was not love at first sight. The first time we talked we were so close we could have kissed it was like no one else was there just her and I. I didn’t like her attitude at first I thought she was mean and she seemed to be trying just as hard to figure me out. But one day we let our guard down & we talked we laughed and we grew to trust each other we protected eachother. I think she didn’t mean to tell me she loved me. I was shocked because I felt her real ness. I feel when she’s upset I know when she needs a kind word or a laugh. I’ve never been so in-tuned with someone like this. She is perfect and I’ve witnessed her mornings her attitude her grouchy side and her flaws and they seem perfect to me. I love her.