It's been 10, 15, or maybe 20 years of marriage and you're wondering what your spouse would like....would she like an upgrade or an addition to what she has? The answer is most likely yes to either!

I love it when a surprise anniversary upgrade goes flawlessly....I had a customer over the holidays that was Celebrating their 10th anniversary and he wanted to upgrade his wife's center stone. We had to figure out a way for him to get her ring into the store without her figuring out what was going on. The idea that we used was him bringing her ring in for it's 6 month inspection and there being a "loose" stone; therefore, it had to be gone and off of her finger for a period of time. In that time, we were able to put in the upgraded diamond into her already beautiful ring and have it back before Christmas and their Anniversary! She was excited and surprised that her husband went and did this for her!

Now....what will you think of for your anniversary?!