My Love/Proposal story:

James and I had been introduced via friends at a SCA event, he was teaching blacksmithing while I was enjoying seeing all the interesting things to learn from history. Camping, creating, coffee, and conversations was how our friendship started.

Both of us had been married before so we both knew the value of friendship, lucky for us it turned into something more. Content with being girlfriend/boyfriend, I wasn’t expecting more, but secretly wanting more. But how does one plan a proposal for someone who loves and works in jewelry, let alone during the Holiday season. He became nervous and quiet, for those who know him kept asking if he was ok, he isn’t the quiet type. Even to the point he told family that we weren’t coming to Christmas Day festivities, they were in our tiny Covid circle so that threw everyone off, to the point of asking me if we were alright. Little did any of us know that James had something special in mind for Christmas morning.

In my sleepy, groggy, needing coffee I walked past the whiteboard in our kitchen a few times and missed the message written on there. To the point that he was wondering if I was upset with what he wrote, when in truth I hadn’t seen it so he pulled me into the kitchen to read it “Make bands” for the past year I had been telling family, friends, and even guests that I would be over the moon if he made our rings. Reminder he is a blacksmith. But knowing that I love my sparkles and something different we agreed on a pear tanzanite with diamond ring for my engagement ring.

Bands are going to be exchanged on September 25th this fall at the same place we met 5 years ago.