My proposal story: From the moment we met my husband Scott and I had an incredible connection. We had some mutual acquaintances and had a few casual conversations before he asked me out. Before our first date, he sent flowers to me at work and I thought, “wow! This guy really knows how to make an impression.” Even if it was just for an hour after work, we spent every single day together after that first date. After 3 months we knew that we were meant to be together and started talking about spending the rest of our lives together.

When Scott decided to propose he knew that he wanted it to be memorable, he knew that my work family was important to me, and he knew that I loved flowers.

The morning of his proposal he told me, “this should be a special day for you." I said, “not really. I’m just working all day.” Looking back I realize that he was preparing me but at the time I was clueless. At 9:30 that morning while I was at work I received a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses with a card that said “Waiting for anything in particular?” I figured that he sent me flowers to make my day special. Then at 12, another bouquet of white roses arrived with a card that said, “anything special delivered today?” and I thought, “well now he’s just showing off." I was still clueless.

5 minutes later another bouquet of coral roses arrived with a card that said, “how’s your patience?” and then again at 2 pm another bouquet of pink roses were delivered with a card that said, “expecting anything?” I was completely blown away, 4 bouquets of roses! Then at 4:15 he walked in the door carrying a single red rose, got down on one knee in front of my coworkers and said:

Gabriella you are:
The answer to a prayer that I never knew I made, the person I’ve been waiting my whole life to love, the one who has made me happier than I ever thought possible, and the one that I simply cannot live without.

Say yes to me today and I promise:
That I will never leave your side, that I will care for you with everything I have, that your happiness and our lives together will always be first in my life, and that you will never doubt my love for you.
Will you marry me?

I said, “absolutely!” and almost 19 years later we still can’t get enough of each other and he has kept every promise he made to me.