Tell us your love story!
We love to hear about your love and what makes your relationship so special.
Let me tell you about one of our favorite in store stories:

Kristen and Brian were just two people playing "Words with friends", after a match against Brian (a complete stranger at the time) she messaged him "good game". Brian didn't even know you could message on the app and they began to communicate from there. They had never met prior, or even known what they looked like, but they fell in love. Now, a couple years later, Brian came to Kay to pick out the perfect ring for Kristen and told us how they are looking for their dream home together. As if their love story wasn't beautiful enough, Kristen needed a new kidney and guess who was the perfect match? Brian!! So now not only did Kristen steal his heart, but his kidney as well!

Hearing these beautiful love stories is the highlight of our day. Please take a moment and tell me about your love story!