Thinking about getting engaged, and you have both had the discussions of marriage, now what? Deciding on how much time, research, budget are all questions that could arise throughout the beginning of your personal “getting started”.

Consider a time line in which you both would like to establish, maybe in the marriage discussion, a time line of sorts in order to complete your “pre-search,” your maximum budget and how you are going to pay or finance it, what styles of engagements rings you both like, time aside to look and try on different styles, when will you be making the purchase, and finally how will you be proposing? That time line could assist you to staying on track to get to that final proposal point.

I personally am a “lister,” meaning I place everything on a list to keep myself on track and to ensure that I am not missing any aspects, features and benefits to compare items, maybe sales to consider when making larger purchases.

What else would you consider when getting started in your journey? How long and how much research did you do prior to proposing?