This is an Unstoppable Story! We will be featuring Sean and Rachael over the next few weeks! Let’s hear how they met, next the proposal, the rings, and the the greatest part of all the Wedding that will happen at Kay Jewelers!

Sean and I met for the very first time in May of 2017 at a work event, (he works for a company that makes flu vaccinations and I work for a company that goes to schools to help vaccinate kids) neither of us really talked much with all the activities going on and the limited time we were around each other. There were a few random interactions over the next couple of years, but we truly met at a work retreat in Gatlinburg. I am a bit more reserved, and was completely enamored and intimidated by Sean’s ability to captivate an audience. He wins me over everyday with his eyes, personality, and laughter. I am so lucky to call him mine. I honestly feel like I have been looking for him my whole life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.