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Vow renewal? How often should one renew their vows? Should it be a huge wedding all over again or small and intimate?

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Megan Krueger
Megan Krueger Kay Consultant

I think that should depend on each couple individually.  My husband and I are trying to decide on renewing our vows at 5 or 10 years.  

One thing I do know is we will have a large renewal ceremony.  Since we got married during the early stages of the pandemic and had to cancel our wedding ceremony, I feel it’s only fitting to have a large renewal and celebration.  All family and friends who weren’t able to celebrate with us the first time, will get the chance this go round.

Irealle Saul
Irealle Saul Kay Consultant

Congratulations! I totally agree. My husband and I had a small ceremony first time around as well we will be having a larger vow renewal 🤗

Megan Krueger
Megan Krueger Kay Consultant

Thank you!  I wouldn’t be opposed to a destination vow renewal though.  If I could guarantee that all our friends and family could be there, we’d definitely do a large ceremony somewhere exotic.

Kelly Atkinson
Kelly Atkinson Kay Consultant

This is definitely preference to the couple! I know a couple that renew their vows every ten years as they grow together! I though it was such a beautiful concept.

Chrystal Jahnke
Chrystal Jahnke Kay Consultant

Having many Military friends I have know a few who have gotten married at the courthouse, due to deployment schedules and they then planned the “family“ day or renewal of the vows on their one year anniversary.

Others who are not military plan for a big milestone to have a renewal, be it 10yrs or 25yrs

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