Be honest, when you think of a wedding video, does your mind immediately envision your parent’s old dusty VHS tape sitting in their closet labeled 'Our Wedding Day + Summer Vacation 1993'?

Many couples tend to think of a wedding video as just an extra cost to make a tape that they probably will never watch again. But this couldn't be further from reality these days! Wedding films in recent years have become an essential way of capturing, sharing, and, most importantly, REMEMBERING such an amazing day in you and your partner’s life together. This is not only a result of social media heavily leaning towards video sharing (I mean, really, who doesn't love scrolling mindlessly for hours on TikTok or YouTube?), but also because wedding films have become so much more than just that shaky home footage that Uncle Bob captured on the day for you. 



Wedding films have a way of capturing some of the most important moments of your life and drawing you right back into the actual feelings of the day — the little moments, the sights AND sounds, the interactions between the most important people in your life, and the words spoken throughout that you will want to remember for the rest of your days together. 

As wedding filmmakers, ourselves, we are always asked about some of our favorite stories from a wedding day. I think our answers are often expected to be more in the 'blooper' or ‘crazy’ categories, like seeing a bride’s veil fly off in the wind during the processional, or a groom getting hiccups during his vows, or the grandma of the bride getting down to old school hip hop. However, the truth is that the moments that stick out the most in our minds are the times we get to see (and film) families, friends, and couples sharing some of the most important, fleeting moments, that often only happen on a wedding day.


“A toast to the groom…” 

Wedding toasts can often be one of the major highlights of the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner evening because it's when a couple gets to hear words spoken, that aren't often said enough in everyday life. We hear all the time from relatives of the couple that “it’s crazy that we all wait for special moments like this to tell the people we love how we truly feel about them.” And we couldn’t agree more. It's one of those rare occasions in life when you get to hear some of your most special people recall the stories and memories of your relationship that stood out to them and how, as a couple, you have impacted their life. It's when you get to hear a brother or sister toast to their sibling for a few minutes, before tearing up talking about how they have always looked up to you ever since they were little. And it's when you can hear a parent figure’s message of encouragement, love, and admiration for their whole entire world. These words are fleeting on a wedding day, and a wedding film is the only way to truly capture the weight of such important messages, and even more, these are often the only times you will have video of such important people speaking to you to hold on to years down the road. 


The People Who Matter Most

A wedding day is full of little interactions between your family and friends that are so beautiful to have captured on video. Grandparents being seated and waving hi to everyone during the ceremony, a mother tearing up as she buttons her daughter's wedding dress up or pins on her son’s boutonnière, your guests dancing and laughing together on the dance floor. They’re all moments that, when caught on film, transport you right back to the emotion and joy of your wedding day. And often, there are many moments you will see in your wedding film that you missed throughout the day that almost allow you to experience it in a completely different and special way! 



Little Moments are the Big Moments

In addition to so many moments captured of your friends and family on your wedding day, a wedding film is going to capture the words, feelings, and emotions that you two as a couple share on the day you officially began an exciting new chapter together. And, often, even moments that have led up to this special day! Whether it’s your first look before or during the ceremony, the way you laughed together during your first dance, or even something as simple as you steal a small moment to yourselves as you sneak away during sunset. Couples often have many photos captured of themselves for Instagram or just sitting in their camera roll, but in today's world, it is so common to not have a lot of videos to look back on of you both being your truest selves together. 

Photography will always be an essential part of your wedding day, but we can't stress enough how it can't replace a wedding video, or vice versa! Having both photographs and films will allow you to be completely transported right back to one of the most important days of your lives in two totally different ways, and it is guaranteed you will be so thankful to have video of your wedding day long after the day itself has passed. And as for that old VHS tape of your parents or grandparents nobody ever watched? Wedding filmmakers today are able to create beautiful, emotional, exciting wedding films that blend the moments, words, and joy of the day, all edited into a shortened film you will find yourself watching over and over and sharing with everyone! If the last year or two has taught us anything as a lesson moving forward, it's that these moments with some of the most important people in your life deserve to be remembered and cherished forever, and a wedding film is a perfect way to do just that. 


Photos/Videos: @happycamperfilms