When do you know?

Many times in a relationship you will feel that spark, like it can’t get any better. Sometimes you might feel the need to think about what the next step will be in your relationship.
Then there comes a time in a relationship when you know she/he is the one and you want to spend forever together!
This time will come in many different ways. It can be while watching a movie, eating lunch together or just talking on the phone.
For Phillip this moment came in a very trying time in his life.
His mother had gotten ill and Becca, his girlfriend at the time, was there every moment. She cared for him and his mother and went out of her way to make sure they were both taken care of.
All that they had experienced before this time had all come together in this moment and that’s when he knew she was the one. There was no other women he wanted to spend his forever with.
Although stores were not open at the time, he knew he wanted to ask her to marry him. So he decided to reach out to a live virtual consultant on Kay.com. That’s when I met Phillip and helped him find the perfect ring that will express the love he has for her.
Now they are engaged and excited to celebrate their union with friends and family this summer!