Planning your dream proposal can be tricky and what comes after the engagement can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips + tricks on what to do first when planning your engagement and wedding, darling. 

Photos: @Kayleechelseaphotography

Step One: Hire a planner to help with your engagement proposal 

This is a day that your fiancé will never forget! It should run smoothly and have touches that are unique to who you are as a couple. There are a lot more moving pieces to the puzzle for a proposal than one would think, so hiring a planner will help you iron out those details quickly! From finding the perfect location to securing a photographer that fits your fiance's aesthetic, a planner can help with all the coordination + design. Make the moment memorable with a romantic outdoor picnic and then surprise them with an after-party with all your closet friends + family! A planner can help coordinate something small like an intimate moment on the beach or a full-blown dinner party after you propose. The choice is yours, but we highly recommend hiring someone to make a game plan for the day - so you can relax and not rely on a family member or friend who might “spill the beans." The goal is that when you arrive to “pop the question," every detail is squared away and it’s better than your fiancé ever envisioned that moment to be! 

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Step Two: You’re Engaged! Talk about your guest list + intended budget. 

You really can’t start looking at venues until you have a good concept of how many guests you’ll have and how much money you’re able to spend. If you have over 200+ guests, this could easily cross off quite a few venues that you might have had your eye on. Figure out who is going to be paying for the wedding and what they are comfortable contributing.    

Step Three: Chat through your priorities, find your venue + pick a date.  

The first big step to planning your wedding is locking in a venue and securing a date. We’d suggest making a list of your ideal locations and researching some top venues in that area. However, be sure to talk through your priorities with the wedding. Do you want everything to be outside, do you want to bring in your own food + alcohol, or do you want a band? If items like that are not compromisable and are a “must-have," be sure to ask those questions to the venue manager when researching right away! These factors can play a large role in the types of venues you are able to get married at. 

Step Four: Hire A Wedding Planner Before Other Vendors 

We would recommend locking in a wedding planner from the very beginning as they have the best insider knowledge about local vendors. They can offer recommendations for a photographer, videographer, florist, dj and more based on your specific budget and style! Speaking of style…. 

Step Five: Create a Pinterest board filled with wedding inspiration 

Use Pinterest or even Instagram to start gathering photos of the types of weddings you are drawn to. Try to pin different kinds of florals, unique tablescape options, styles of wedding dresses or future wedding bands. 

Your planner can help you narrow in your specific color palette and theme with the more inspiration you give them. Now, get creative! You want your guests to walk away from the day talking about how much the wedding reminded them of you. Make the signage in your tone of voice or have the seating chart be a nod to your love story. It’s all about those little, personalized details. 

Step Six: Enjoy The Process! 

You hopefully only get to do this whole engagement + wedding day thing once, so try to savor all of the beautiful moments along the way. With the right team and the right attitude, your proposal + special day will be something you’ll always look back on and remember fondly!