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Asked a question 2 months ago

I was married once before for 30yrs, we sadly had gotten divorced. We were only divorced for 2 yrs and he passed away suddenly. I miss Him so much, even though we weren't married anymore - he was still my very best friend. But I have been dating the most wonderful man! He went to my kids who are grown, but oh so protective, and asked them for their blessings to ask me to marry him. Of course they were very happy for me and said yes. He is such a great man, he is even ok with me keeping my married name. I've had my 1st husbands name since I was 19yrs old. So I told my husband-to-be I will hyphenate his name on to mine. But heres the question: I want to wear a beautiful dress on our wedding day - I would like to wear cowboy boots with sparkles and stuff! No one ever sees your shoes anyway... but what would be appropriate to wear for a 2nd wedding dress color? I need some ideas - HELP!!!

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Megan KruegerKay Consultant
Store Manager-Kay Outlet-Texas City, Tx

First of all, I lOVE the idea of blingy boots as your wedding shoe!

I think these days, there is no right or wrong color to chose.  I’ve seen brides wear black dresses, pink, blue.  What are your wedding colors?  Are you going to have any bridesmaids, if so, what color do you want them to wear?  I think it would be so cute to have you in a darker color and your ladies in a pastel of the same color.