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Kelly AtkinsonKay Consultant
Kay Virtual Consultant
Asked a question 7 months ago

One of my favorite questions to ask couples celebrating 30, 40, and 50 years of partnership is, “What’s your secret?”. What advice can YOU give?

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Megan KruegerKay Consultant
Store Manager-Kay Outlet-Texas City, Tx

I love to ask this question as well.  It’s not often these days we see relationships that are an inspiration to those of us that are newly weds.  The favorite answer I have ever gotten was “you have to make out with your spouse daily.  Even if it embarrass’ them.”  He then proceeded to sloppily make out with his beautiful bride, who turned beet red.  They had been married for 46 years when we first met.  We have since celebrated 4 more anniversaries together.

My mom and step-dad were married for 44 years before he passed away in 2018.  They got along so good!  One day, I did say, "Bob, between you and me, what's your secret for keeping my mom happy after all these years, as I know she can "act up" at times?".  He answered, "Well Karen, when a man gets married there are 2 very special words that you need to learn!".  I asked what those 2 special words were and he said, "Yes Dear".   The other secret that I could see is that they had an incredible amount of respect for each other!  Even if there was a dinner that he wasn't crazy about, he'd tell her how great it was!  Each year, without the rest of the family knowing, (we found out on their 43rd Christmas together!) he let her pick out every one of her Christmas gifts, then he'd wrap them and when she opened them she acted so surprised.  We had no idea that she picked out every one of them!  They also did a lot of things together!  Even if it was going for a car ride to get seafood in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where you get the very best seafood, they would enjoy the ride and listen to Conway Twitty and Elvis songs the whole way while they sang along!!! So stinkin cute!!!!


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