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Asked a question 11 months ago

What are your family wedding traditions?? Is there a ring that’s been in the family for years? Let’s talk about those special traditions that makes your union just that much special🥰

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My engagement ring was actually my great aunts. She was diagnosed with MS, and went down hill pretty fast. Before she passed she gave the ring to her mother, my great- grandmother. When my husband talked to her about proposing, since she is the one who raised me, she instantly knew she wanted to pass the ring down since my aunt and I was so close. Now I'm lucky enough to be married to my husband for 2.5 years all while wearing a ring my great aunt loved so much. I hope to pass it down one day as well. 

Megan KruegerKay Consultant
Store Manager-Kay Outlet-Texas City, Tx

I was raised by my dad and his parents.  When my grandmother passed away I was 11.  She and I were really close.  I was heartbroken.  All things happen for a reason though.  I believe she passed when I was young so that I would have the opportunity to get to bond with my grandfather.  When he passed I was 19.  While he was laying in the bed just days before he passed, he gave me my grandmothers wedding set.  He told me one day, when I met the man of my dreams, he wanted me to have her ring as a reminder that marriage is a commitment, through thick and thin.  He also gave me his wedding ring, so that I could give it to my future husband one day.

My grandparents were married for 46 years before my grandmother passed.  One thing I told my husband before we got married is I wanted to make sure he was in it for the long haul.  I want to live out a loving marriage like my grandparents.