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Celebrate and Share
Celebrate and Share

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s now time to celebrate your love and prepare for what comes next. From sharing the news to planning your dream wedding and everything in between, we’ll usher you through the moment they say YES up until they say I DO (and beyond, of course). Cheers to your love!

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My husband , Tim, and I met and got engaged! Tim was severely hurt in an accident. We decided to get married the day he was released from the hospital. We love our wedding rings from Kay’s and other jewelry we purchased there. We are living our Happily Ever After!

Chris GodwinSponsored
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver #14
It was an instant connection and two years of friendship that turned into forever. My freshman year, I met the future love of my life, Mariah. From our first kiss, Mariah and I have been inseparable. Almost everyone who knew us considered us to be together already, & the kiss, for us, really sparked the beginning of us as a couple. When we were hanging out all day at school & all evening after school & all day into the night on weekends, without ever getting tired of each other or wanting time apart, we thought that was a pretty... (More)

Roses are red, violets are blue, I remember the day I met my true love, how about you?

I was 16 and we met at a youth conference at church in Baton Rouge, La. Little did I know, I met my husband🤗 We reconnected my college Sophomore year

and have been together ever since! What’s your story? 🥰