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Finding the Ring
Finding the Ring

The perfect ring is a symbol of your love, so finding “the one” can sometimes be daunting. We take the stress out of the search with inspiring insights on finding the one they will love, ring styles and upgrades, how to save, expert advice and much more. Let’s find you a ring that’ll be cherished forever. 

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Buying a Bridal Set

Find a set of rings that pair together as well as you and your love. If your priority is matching and convenience, a bridal set is the best option for you! By purchasing a set, you can take joy in... (More)

I seriously love this kind of ring because it says that he seriously love you no matter what happens your life will always be great together for ever and ever 💕💕💕🐱. Thank you very much Kay's jewelry i seriously ... (More)

Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band

Take a break from choosing linens and stationery and get to the stuff that really sparkles: Your wedding band! With styles ranging from contemporary to classic, you’re sure to find a ring you’ll love wearing long after you’ve said, “I... (More)

A gorgeous ring + a gorgeous bouquet = share your ring and bouquet pictures.

A white gold halo ring is the perfect companion for your bouquet.
A white gold halo ring is the perfect companion for your bouquet.