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Getting Started
Getting Started
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Ashley BreedenKay Consultant
Store Manager at Kay Jewelers, TN
Hey Y’all. My name is Ashley and I manage Kay Jewelers in Foothills Mall in Maryville, TN (located in the Foothills of the Smokies). This year I will be celebrating year #14 with Signet. My husband is Michael Breeden, DSC manager and 2019 DSC Manager of the Year. We have been together for 17 years and will be celebrating 12 years of marriage this year. Our story is non-traditional in many ways. I have a 19 year old bonus daughter and 13 year old Heinz-57 doggy! I am excited to read all the stories and comments. I look forward to... (More)
I am the Assistant Store manager at the Kay Jewelers located in Wausau Wisconsin. I love what I do and the company I work for.
Welcome to the Union! I'm Keanna, and I'm so excited to hear all the wonderful stories, and be helpful in any way! I have been with Kay's all together for about 4 years! I did take a break and now I'm back!

I met my one and only online, which many have! We have been happily married for two years. Not only did I gain a husband and a forever partner I gained a beautiful bonus daughter. As well as my husband gained a bonus son! We are a blended family.
Hello folks, My name is Seth Stewart currently working on my 13th year with Kay Jeweler's. I absolutely love my career because of such a passion I have of celebrating life and expressing love with every guest that walks into my store, and a company that backs each and everyone of their employees. I love hearing the stories of how they met, where the proposal was, was she surprised.