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Popping the Question
Popping the Question

No pressure, right? That magical moment relies on your delivery, so let us help you ease your nerves by ensuring that you’ve got everything covered — including your confidence to pull this off without a hitch!

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Today I got to celebrate these two lovely couples on their journey to forever together! One purchased an elegant lab created engagement ring and the other purchased a brand new Neil Lane design.
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We didn't need much time. Between our engagement and wedding it was only 6 months. We had 38 people at the most beautiful Colonial Inn and they took care of everything for us. We picked the meal, the cake and the music. We opted to just have our very closest family and friends and get married at the Inn, outside, then the reception was in the carriage house that had a fireplace, a beautiful bar and instead of first dances, we opted to do a trivia game with our guests. It was by table and there were 5 tables of... (More)

I’m usually so guarded my walls are always up. The walls keep me from being hurt. It wasn’t how we met it was what I felt when we met. She walked in it was like watching a model walk down the runway. Her hair was blowing in the wind and she looked flawless. We were in a building so tell me this was not love at first sight. The first time we talked we were so close we could have kissed it was like no one else was there just her and I. I didn’t like her attitude at first... (More)