You are ready to choose an engagement ring—and you’ve done your research—but have you considered their astrological sign? Celebrate your Leo (and your love!) by learning about the storied zodiac sign yourself. 


Celestially, Leos are ruled by the sun and the element of fire. Naturally, people born under the sign of the lion shine brighter, stand out, and own the spotlight. But did you know there’s a collection of diamonds that does the same?  It’s named THE LEO® Collection of Diamonds, appropriately enough.


Living up to its name, THE LEO® Diamond is the first diamond independently certified to be visibly brighter. Its patented technology maximizes the return of light, reflecting the star power that sets every born Leo apart. 


Passionate and playful, Leos are all about the drama, big entrances, and making bold impressions. THE LEO First Light® Diamond embraces the Leo’s love of the spotlight, unleashing an unimaginable burst of colorful brilliance. It’s a true technological marvel that mesmerizes everyone who sees it, which is so very Leo.    


In the spirit of the lion that they are named for, Leos are fiercely loyal, yet are extremely particular about whom they’re willing to love. A diamond of geometrically ideal portions, THE LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond’s unique cut creates breathtaking brilliance inspired by the shine Leo’s share.


Bold. Brilliant. Fiery. All characteristics of Leos. And, not coincidentally, every LEO®  as well. 


Would you consider a LEO®  Diamond for your love? Sound off in the comments and come back to the Union to share your proposal story.