I've known since the day I met Jonathan on set at my TV show that he was the person I wanted to spend forever with. So when it came time to finally pop the question I knew it had to be the most special day ever. And that meant making sure two things were created specifically for this occasion.
1) the perfect song
2) the perfect ring

As far as number one goes, we would always hear songs and think oh that would be our song if just this part or that part were different, so as a result we didn’t have a song that was “ours." So I wrote it, recorded it, and cued it up to play in our backyard before I took a knee. It's called appropriately "Our Song."

The second element of the proposal, the ring. The idea of the ring is really special because at its core it’s symbolic. It’s symbolic of the union between two people and its symbolic of what the relationship is to those two people.
And I felt like we had a really unique opportunity to make our own tradition here.

So I reached out to Kay because I know they're a company with a track record of supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Using their custom jewelry program I wanted to create something not only for our special moment, but something other LGBTQ+ couples might be inspired by for their rings too. The wild thing is, I was doing all this secretly without Jonathan knowing, but still trying to get info out of him about what he likes. Luckily for me he is an actor and was in Canada filming The Christmas House (Hallmark’s first movie with an LGBTQ+ lead couple) and in that movie he was wearing a wedding ring. So I had the wardrobe team on set get me his exact ring size without ever raising suspicion I was working on something back at home. And then at night on FaceTime I’d casually ask him about wearing the ring and what he liked about it. From there I felt like I knew what to do.

My first rendering actually started right after I wrote the chorus for “Our Song” with me tracing the outline of my poke bowl lid and sketching out what I wanted. The team at Kay turned that into a rendering, and then after a couple customizations it literally was exactly one hundred percent what I had been seeing in my head the whole time. I couldn’t wait to open that box and show it to Jonathan.
The ring and its design serves two purposes, engagement ring and wedding band. It is platinum with a brushed satin finish and on one side at the gallery (the top part of the ring) there are diamonds all the way around it. At the other end the gallery looks like a traditional wedding band. We both have one. So while we are engaged the diamonds face out so the world sees them. Then we get married we will flip the rings so the diamonds face us. My reasoning for that is like I told Jonathan. “The diamonds face us then because my world is exponentially more beautiful now that you are in it forever.”

Thankful to everyone here sharing their stories of LOVE.
I hope everyones bliss feels as perfect as ours does.
Congrats to us all.