Looking for a beautiful engagement ring?

Have you seen the Leo diamonds? Let me tell you why I personally LOVE the Leo! 


Handcrafted by the master artisans of Leo Schachter and distinguished by its unique patented design, the Leo Diamond is unlike any other. The Leo is the first diamond to be independently and individually measured and certified to be visibly brighter due to its patented 66 facet design. 

You see, the average diamond has 58 facets (or cuts in the diamond for light to shine through), where the Leo has 66 strategically placed facets allowing the light to shine through giving it the brighter look! This will make your ring stand out from the rest and really add value to your purchase. 

If you're thinking the scintillation is the only thing that makes the Leo unique and stand out, you'd be wrong. All Leo rings have an engraving in the band saying "Leo" with a small diamond as the "o". What a beautiful little character trait for your ring! 

What is nice as well about the Leo is that you can go to TheLeoDiamond.com and read up on your certification AND you can learn about the master artisan who crafted your Leo Diamond. How many people can say they got to get to know the maker of their ring?! 

As I mentioned above, the Leo comes with a certification. Not only does that certification tell you about your ring (Cut,Color, Clarity, and Carat), it also has a gemscribe number inscribed along the stone that will always show you that its your stone and that certification was made for your ring specifically. Having a certification is a nice piece of mind to know all the facts about your forever ring, but to add to that, Leo is the only diamond to have a Light Performance Analysis as well. The light performance analysis shows you the way the light shines through your Leo Diamond in comparison to other diamonds and trust me, there is quite the difference!! Wouldn't you want a ring that is as bright as your future together?! 


So now you know why I love the Leo! 

Tell me what collections and styles are your favorite!