I have been with Kay Jewelers for 24 years now! 5 years ago I married the love of my Life! Much to my surprise, I married a woman! I honestly had no idea that I would even EVER think of dating a woman, much less marrying one!

She was my Belden Jewelers customer. I helped her for years and she ended up bringing her brother in because he was buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend and she had trust in me (she was the kind of customer who would come in and ask for me and if it was my day off, she'd leave and come back when I was there). I had to order in Black Diamonds for her brother and a certified centre stone, and he told me not to call him because he lived with the girl and asked me to call Andrea instead and she would get the message to him. I had no problem calling her because other than her being my Jewelry customer, I also owned a Real Estate Company for 9 years and on my days off I'd show houses. I ended up showing her a condo in 2014. So we never hung out, but just knew each other through business.

Well... once her brother bought the ring, Andrea said, through our phone conversations that I was so funny and we should "hang out." Now, keep in mind that I was married to a man for 7 years and I have a wonderful 27-year-old son which she knew about, and it was clear that I was not into women. Well, we ended up going for drinks and food one night and let's just say, I drink Jack Daniels, so I did some of the talking and "Jack" did ALL the rest - even things that I did NOT authorize "Jack" to say - he just didn't listen, lol.

We drank and ate, and laughed and laughed. By the end of the night, I looked at her completely out of the blue, "Jack" said, "you know, we could get married and we'd have the best life because you have literally laughed at every one of my jokes tonight." She said, "well, maybe we should think about that," then we just laughed. The next day she asked me if I had thought about it and I said, I thought you were joking. She said, "I'm absolutely not joking, I have known you for many years and you are one of the most kind, funny, easy-going people I've ever met and I would love to see where this takes us."

Well, I must say that I went into it with my mindset that we would just be friends, however, within 6 months we were engaged then got married 6 months after that, on the same day my mom and dad got married in 1934, on July 31st.

This July 31st will be our 5 year anniversary. So, much to my surprise, after only dating men, I can honestly say I've never been happier! And by the way, of course, my beautiful ring came from Kay! The 4 stones in the middle are VVS1, F Color! Bling! Bling! Bling!